Remember 'Jumanji'? You Can Visit Part Of The Set, 19 Years Later

It's like a time machine back to the '90s... or the '60s as seen by the '90s.

Almost 20 years ago, the film "Jumanji" turned a few different locations in New England into an East Coast safari. One of those locations was Keene, New Hampshire, and some of the changes that the film crew made have last to this day.

One such relic is a brick wall in town that still bears an advertisement for Parrish Shoes. A photo of the painting popped up on reddit with an extra touching detail.

When the photo on reddit was taken, there were still some photos of Robin Williams posted to the wall as a memorial to the actor after his death.

The combined hits of nostalgia are a nice reminder of the lasting power of movies - and the people who make them so enjoyable.