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'Challenge' Standout Sarah Rice Is Engaged: See Her Ring!

She's yet to take home the championship check, but that sparkler is quite a prize!

In the scope of "The Challenge," being part of a pair hasn't gone so well for Sarah Rice (see: her premature "Exes" ousting and her early "Rivals II" expulsion), but outside of the game, serving as one of two suits her just fine.

The most eager competitor around has yet to cross the finish line first, but she's just locked down the man of her dreams and announced yesterday that she and Landon Patterson are officially engaged! What's more, they sealed the deal at a place called The Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles. Omen much?

Sarah Rice's Instagram

"GUESS WHO JUST GOT ENGAGED!!! This chick!!! I'm so happy to be engaged to the most wonderful man I've ever known!! I love you @iatewhat!!!" Sarah captioned the Instagram photo above. Considering Landon's tatted and tough but still seemingly sweet, we'd say he's pretty much a perfect match for Sarah. Plus, the rock he got her looks like it belongs in The Smithsonian.

Sarah Rice's Instagram

"Yup!!!" the bride-to-be captioned the Instagram photo above. Say no more, Sar. Say no more.

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