This Howling Baby Bulldog Is The Only Dog That Matters Right Now

At least on the Internet.

You might think that a human is writing these words, but actually: I am a ghost. Because I have died the sweetest of deaths after being slain by the cute overload that is this baby bulldog puppy trying to howl. Oh, the sweet, sweet feels of adorable preciousness. It was WORTH IT.

You can try and resist this pooch, but you'll fail. Be it the brindle, the wrinkles, his bumbling attempts at walking and/or everything in between, there is no escaping this much cute. His ferocity -- coupled with his sheer inability to howl because he's a widdle iddle baby-waby-poo (I can only speak in baby talk now btw) -- makes the whole thing more endearing and precious than any small animal has any right to be. Truly, this is peak pup.

Maybe you've believed yourself to have found such cuteness in the past, but you were wrong. I know this because I am a ghost now -- I see and know and feel everything. This, my dear friends, this is the apex of adorability. There is no better baby than this.

Say goodbye to your loved ones, and enjoy.

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