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'Once Upon A Time' Just Added A Major New Character To 'Frozen'

The Snow Queen is actually...

"Once Upon A Time" hasn't been too shy to reference every bit of "Frozen" this season, from a "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" moment, to tonight's (October 12) episode where one of the characters straight up said "Let It Go." But so far, the show hasn't added anything to the mythology... Until now.

Major Spoilers For "Once Upon A Time" Past This Point.

So turns out that Elizabeth Mitchell isn't just playing the villainous Snow Queen: she's also Elsa's Aunt.

The revelation came late in the episode during a fairyback (the show's parlance for fairytale based flashbacks) set in Arendelle. After freeing Mitchell's Snow Queen from a magical urn (and possibly killing "Frozen" villain Hans), Elsa and Snowie McQ went back to the former's castle, where SQ revealed she was Elsa - and therefore Anna's - Mom's sister.

A large part of the episode both in "modern" times and in the past dealt with where Elsa gets her powers from, and this certainly seems to be a large part of the puzzle. At least for now, the show pulled back from the reveal your faithful writer thought they were leading towards - that Snow Queen is Elsa's real Mom, given their similar hair, powers and flashy way of dressing - but we'll have to stay tuned to see if that particular theory pans out.

And for fans of the movie freaked out that we're getting a major part of the mythology stuck on TV, rather than in the movie theaters... Worry not. As Producer Adam Horowitz revealed at the "Once" New York Comic-Con panel, "You’re going to see the story continue in its own 'Once Upon A Time' way, rather than anything that might happen in the sequel."

So when it turns out that Elsa's real Dad is Jack Frost, and her parents weren't her parents at all in two weeks time, just know that the eventual, "Frozen 2" will forge it's own cool path.

What do you think of Snow Queen being Elsa's Aunt?