Watch The First 4 Minutes Of 'The Walking Dead' Premiere Right Here

It's giving us a headache.

AMC has done fans of "The Walking Dead" a total solid, putting the first four minutes of tonight's Season 5 premiere on the Internet for all to see. Only, it's almost too stressful to enjoy, and we don't like how it ends. Hoo boy, are things about to get terrifying.

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First, we should warn you, it may be appropriate to hold onto your butts. In this flashback, we see Gareth and Co. trapped in what looks to be the same rail car at Terminus that —- jumping ahead to the present day —- Rick, Daryl, Michonne and everyone else are inside of, prepping for what looks to be a real hootenanny (if you refer to epic battles as such, we mean) with the Termites.

And you know that whole "Are the Terminus folks cannibals or not?" quandary? Yeah, well, that one gets answered pretty quickly as far as we're concerned, given the context cues and all. Our heads hurt just thinking about what we just witnessed. Yours probably will, too. Don't say we didn't warn you!