Blue Ivy Spinning At The Louvre Is Our New Happy Place

Beyonce shares perfect vacation photos from Paris.

Beyoncé and husband Jay Z weren't the only ones who had a great weekend at the Louvre. After throwing up an impeccable selfie on Instagram, Bey shared photos of her adorable 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, spinning in a pink dress at the famous Paris art museum.

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In between taking in some of the world's most beautiful art, the Knowles-Carter family paused to dance through the hallways and take absolutely perfect family snapshots of each other. I don't know if it gets any cuter than these!

Blue Ivy's fashion game is already on-point. Wait, is she pulling a Marilyn Monroe on that vent?

Bey and her little girl shared a hug between sculptures.

Jay and Blue high-fived in front of the "Mona Lisa."

These three get our vote for cutest family.

Blue even took a few photos herself!