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Gucci Mane Actually Has A Lot To Say About 'Speed Bumps'

Listen to the Mike Will Made It-produced track.

Gucci Mane has an infinite talent for turning prosaic subject matter into poetry. Case in point: “Speed Bumps,” a song he’s shared off his upcoming Trap God 3 project.

Gucci elegizes the common speed bump, transforming mounds of cautionary plastic into indicators of narcotic largesse. “I’m in the kitchen tryna make it do the long jump,” growls Gucci. “Big knots in my jeans look like speed bumps.”

Producer Mike Will Made It provides the thundering foundation for Gucci’s vivid imagination. If your car contains suitable woofers, consider this song an invitation to go for a ride. Obeying speed laws, of course.

Gucci Mane also revives his longstanding beef with Jeezy, which extends back to a 2005 misunderstanding involving Gucci and Jeezy’s hit single together, “Icy.” Almost a decade later, Gucci addresses their conflict with typically memorable imagery -- and perhaps a tinge of bittersweet nostalgia:

“Ain't no secret, you n----s know that I don't f--k with Jeezy

It was tragic, wars everywhere, they say the boy was bleedin'

It was easy, I eat your crew up like some Reese's Pieces

This is skreet sh-t, so once you say this sh-t you can't delete it.”

Trap God 3 is but another drop in the torrential volume of music Gucci has released from prison this year. Fittingly, the 1017 Brick Squad label bosses plan to drop it on October 17.