This Fan Remake Of 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' Is Incredible: Watch Now

'Star Wars' fans might be the most dedicated fans in the galaxy.

Hey, "Star Wars" fans, got any plans this weekend? If they don’t involve watching this two-hour, shot-for-shot fan remake of "The Empire Strikes Back," then you might want to reevaluate your priorities.

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The masterminds over at Lucasfilm had the brilliant-beyond-brilliant idea to recruit their legions of creative, dedicated fans to reshoot the 1980 sci-fi classic in 15-second chunks. More than 480 fans sent in 1,500 submissions, which were stitched together piece-by-piece to form one big, beautiful crowdsourced rendition of "Episode V."

The result is a wickedly out-there, entertaining remake starring cats, dogs, babies, potatoes, Legos, cookies and everything between. There's claymation, puppetry, some hilariously awful live acting, a galaxy made out of needlepoint, stunning animations and so many googly eyes.

Check out a few of our favorite highlights:

Here's the Battle of Hoth, recreated with party balloons.

Here's a googly-eyed Darth Vader commanding his troops.

Here's Han Solo getting a sloppy kiss from, um...Leia?

Here are some cheesy "spaceships" navigating the galaxy.

Here's Darth Potato and his potato minions preparing for battle.

Here's Luke and Darth Vader's epic lightsaber duel.

And here's a pug-faced Yoga giving some sage advice.

Kick up your feet, and watch the whole video here. Enjoy it, you will.

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