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Pharrell Poses In A Rainbow of Stan Smiths, But What Does It Mean?

Pharrell has done just about everything one can do to the Stan Smith. He's doodled and painted on them, used them as a platform for his political beliefs, and blinged them out. But he's not done yet. Pharrell has now dyed them in them in every color imaginable. It's almost as if he looked at every shade Lupita Nyong'o's worn, took that rainbow to Adidas and said "Go."

Skater P posted a pic of his crayon box of a sneaker collection on Instagram with the hashtag #Supercolor which sounds more like a code name for his next collaboration with Adidas. Maybe Pharrell will release matching leather track jackets to go with them, like he did with his recent Stan Smith collab? Or that could just be wishful thinking on our part and in reality Adidas produced all of the shoes just so P could visualize and pick out his next batch of shoes. Either way, Pharrell has something new coming up because Adidas reposted his picture with a March 2015 release date promised. Our calendars are officially marked.

If he needs a model, we know a woman who pulls off every color well.