'Once Upon A Time' Panel Reveals The Show's 'Let It Go' Moment

Also, bad news for Olaf fans.

"Once Upon A Time" has frozen over! And not only has it gotten cool again (get it?), but it's also "Frozen" over, as Disney's Anna and Elsa have made their way to Stroybrooke in a big way.

But with Arendelle's royalty well entrenched in the "real" world, what's coming up next for ABC's fairytale show? As just revealed at the New York Comic-Con, this week's episode of the show finally has a "Let It Go" moment.

The panel, which featured star Jennifer Morrison as well as producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, started by showing off this week's (October 12) episode… And after weeks of teasing it out, a character finally said the movie's signature phrase.

Nope, it wasn't Elsa or Anna… It was Jiminy Cricket (Raphael Sbarge) to Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin). Seriously. We won't explain how, but will add that at least he doesn't tell the new mayor to, "conceal, don't feel."

Other moments from this week (skirting spoilers) that made the crowd scream:

1. Operation Mongoose Is In Effect.

Yup, Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) is starting a new operation. Hooray!

2. The Snow Queen Has Two Surprising Connections.

Elizabeth Mitchell officially made her debut as the possibly evil Snow Queen, and you can probably guess which other character she has a connection to. But there's one you're not going to guess. At all.

3. The Frozen Heart.

A signature moment from "Frozen" gets played out, with a character getting, well, frozen, and then continuing the show's obsession with human hearts.

4. Captain Swan Shippers, Rejoice.

"Next week will be Emma and Hook's first proper date… And it will not be at Granny's," Horowitz said.

5. No Olaf.

Sorry, he's sitting this one out, though Kitsis and Horowitz did confirm that other "Frozen" characters will be heading to the show. Can we request the Duke of Weaselton?

6. It's Not "Frozen 2."

"You're going to see the story continue in its own 'Once Upon A Time' way, rather than anything that might happen in the sequel," Horowitz added.

What do you think? Excited for more "Frozen" coming to "Once Upon A Time?"