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Which Character Should You Cosplay As? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

The costumes are many, and the choice is yours.

There comes a time in every fan's life when it's time to dress up or get out.

That's right: it's time to hit the convention floor. New York Comic-Con is in full force right now, and it has a lot of us itching to paint our faces, pull on our spandex and arm ourselves with props. The question, however, is what to dress up as.

Do we go the route of Halloween-goers all over this year and braid up, Katniss style? Or perhaps a classic slave Leia look is what's called for. Or, we could go new-school and Norman Reedus it up.

There are plenty of options in the cosplay world, so luckily for you, we've devised this quiz to help you decide which costume is for you.

Check it out below, and suit up!