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Lorde's Twitter Is The Best Twitter: Here's Why

Just paper dolls and dreams.

Lorde may never be royal, but she is the de facto goddess of Twitter. From hitting up her fans (at a near constant rate) to sharing snaps of creepy paper dolls to just bro'ing down with Instagram deity Taylor Swift, following Lorde's feed is our new religion.

Here's why:

1. She Pumps Other Artists

Without fail -- and even when she wasn't as big 'n' famous as she is now -- Lorde has alway promoted bands that she digs on Twitter. From BROODS (who she kind of helped break with a tweet) to Flying Lotus, Ella pays it forward like Haley Joel on a sugar high.

2. She's The Best With Her Fans

She tweets 'em back. She RTs 'em. She shares photos of their gifts and fan art. When it comes to Lorde and her fans, they're totally on each other's team.

3. She's Hilarious

Lorde gets it right with that most classic of humor -- making fun of one's mom.

4. She Gets Ridiculously Excited About Her Music

Whatever, professionalism -- Lorde made something cool and she's going to yell about it. Let's all yell with her.

5. She Knows How To Tease Us

What's this? Just some brand-new song lyrics scrawled on stone? Thank the Lorde!

6. Her Twitter Exchanges With Her BFFs Are Awesome

Sometimes it's boring to watch people who are not your friends gushing over each other. Not so when those people are Lorde and Taylor Swift. Because they're famous. Also adorable. Mostly adorable.

7. She's Super Weird

Weird girls everywhere tip their bowler hats to you, lady.

8. She's Really Humble

I mean, we know Lorde deserves every success that's heaped upon her, but we're glad she still seems shocked by it all. Never change, Ella.

9. She Gives And She Gives

Remember when she tried to help this guy get a date? Hearts for eyes over here, guys.

10. She's So Grateful

She thanks, basically, every city she visits on tour. Literally. All of them.

11. Also This

I just...