Getty Images/Splash News/MTV Shannon Baek

Spencer Pratt Bonds With President Obama…Through Tinted Windows

The 'Hills' alum claims he got a wave from the Commander-in-Chief.

When you live in the Hollywood "Hills," your backyard is practically a red carpet, and spotting celebs is par for the course. But even Spencer Pratt couldn't help but get a little starstruck when he had an extra-special sighting: President Barack Obama. If you have any doubts, the former MTV star shared some proof:

"The President of the United States of America waving at me today," Heidi Montag's better half wrote with the hazy Instagram snapshot above.

Well, we'll just have to trust the USC grad that the Commander-in-Chief is indeed in that vehicle -- and offering up a greeting to Spence.

But what would have happened if the Prez pulled over to chat? We'd like to think that the duo's encounter would include discussions on important policies, fighting cyber crimes, their beloved dogs and most importantly, crystals.

Getty Images/Splash News/MTV Shannon Baek

Along with his Presidential pic, Spencer also shared a much clearer shot of a mysterious Secret Service agent -- along with the caption: "Staring contest champion. #secretservice #matrix #agentsmith."

What an unforgettable afternoon for Mr. Pratt...and Mr. Obama.