Holy 'LEGO Movie' Spin-Off, Batman!

Darkness. Own Movie.

The Caped Crusader was the undeniable show-stealer in the "LEGO Movie," and now he's getting his own movable, buildable plastic movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a spin-off focusing on Will Arnett's LEGO Batman character has taken "LEGO Movie 2's" slot in the Warner Bros.'s line-up of movies based on the toy line. The follow-up to Emmett's story is still set to happen, but likely after the Batman spin-off.

Arnett is set to reprise his role as the meta version of the Dark Knight, who sings songs about darkness and not having parents. Chris McKay, who was originally set to direct the "LEGO Movie" sequel will lead the project.

The next LEGO movie in the pipeline is "Ninjago," which will open on September 23, 2016. "LEGO Batman" should hit theaters in 2017, with "LEGO Movie 2" coming sometime after that.