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Paparazzi Scratches Diddy's Car And Lives To Tell About It

Don't try this at home.

Anyone who's had their car scratched knows that it's no fun. It looks terrible, obviously. But you also have to pay to get it painted over, and even then, it never looks quite the same.

Now, imagine if that car of yours that got scratched was a Maybach. And that the culprit of said scratching (you believed, at least) was the paparazzi. And that you were Diddy.

You'd probably be pretty pissed, right?

Well, maybe that's why you're not Diddy. Because the music mogul walked out of an L.A. club on Thursday night only to be surrounded by frenzied paps (he had been at the same club, as J. Lo, apparently) and notice a scratch on his luxurious black Maybach. Puff seemed to believe that one particular photog at the scene was at fault. And TMZ got it all on video.

"Y'all just gotta be easy, bro," he said to him, calmy. "You alright?"

The pap confirmed he was, and Diddy drove off into the night -- presumably to buy another Maybach.