'Walking Dead' Season Five Premiere: What Will Happen In Terminus?

Spoiler: There will be zombies.

All aboard the "Walking Dead" train! AMC's hugely successful (and hugely disgusting) zombie series returns tonight with its first all-new episode since Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors were locked away inside a train car, presumably to be eaten by cannibals masquerading as saviors.

It was a dark ending for a show that knows a thing or two about dark endings. How long until we see some light shining through the world of "The Walking Dead" again? Probably a very long time.

Here's some of what we're expecting to see in tonight's season five premiere:

Lots of Sitting Around Inside of the Train Car


After all, almost every single series regular is currently trapped in that "A" train. We're going to spend a meaningful amount of time inside that car, if not quite an entire episode. That's just how it is.

Lots of Running Around Outside of the Train Car


This is "The Walking Dead" we're talking about. We're dealing with Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Michonne, among others. These are not the types of people who take captivity lightly. As Rick warned at the end of season four: "They're f---ing with the wrong people." Indeed they are. Expect Rick's backlash against Terminus to begin tonight, almost immediately.

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The Few People Outside of Terminus


Thankfully, the Termites didn't capture Rick's entire group. Reluctant allies Tyreese and Carol are still wandering around in the woods on their way to Terminus, with Rick's infant daughter Judith in tow. Expect these two to play a significant role in rescuing Rick and the others from captivity.

The Many People Inside of Terminus


Are they cannibals? Are they members of some sort of zombie-worshipping cult? Whoever they are, the denizens of Terminus are bad, bad, bad people. But how bad are they? And what happened that drove them so crazy? What are they capable of? What do they really want? We don't expect answers to all of those questions, but we expect answers to some. It's time to learn more about our new enemies.

Some Seriously Screwed Up Death Scenes


Series star Andrew Lincoln has made one thing very clear: the "Walking Dead" premiere is a shocker. When I spoke with him at Comic-Con, he mentioned that there's one scene in the first episode that he was astonished to see in the final cut of the episode. In other words, some really grisly nastiness is on its way tonight — just how we like it.

Zombies, Obviously


And lots of 'em. You can't have a "Walking Dead" premiere without a flesh-rotting brain-eater or two hundred. Zombies are best in hordes, and that's exactly what we need and expect to see on tonight's episode.

A Clearer Sense of Season Five


Based on interviews and the glimpses of footage we've seen, we know that Rick et al won't sit around inside a train forever. But we still don't know what the thrust of the season is, not just yet. Is it all about fulfilling Eugene's mission to end the zombie apocalypse? Is it about acclimating to life inside of Terminus? Is it simply another survival tale? Whatever the writers have in mind for season five, we expect that the premiere episode will give us a good idea of what's coming up for the rest of the year.

What do you expect to see on tonight's "Walking Dead" premiere?