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Cop Tried To Search Man's Car Because Frisbees Are Proof He 'Smokes Weed'

Watch this video of a disc golfer totally shutting down an ignorant officer.

Police departments across the country are facing criticism for profiling citizens without probable cause, but this may be the first time a flying toy is involved.

Earlier this week, a video was uploaded showing an officer in Ankeny, Iowa attempting to search a man's vehicle based on the theory that playing disc golf -- a game that involves throwing Frisbees at metal baskets -- is an admission of possessing marijuana. The driver filmed the encounter, which seems like an outtake from "Reno 911!" deemed too silly to air:

“You play Frisbee golf?” the cop asks, adding, “Why is it that everybody that plays Frisbee golf smokes weed?"

The driver admits to playing the sport, but refuses to acknowledge whether he's a marijuana user. The officer berates him with questions such as, "So you have weed in the car then is what you’re saying?” and "How much weed do you have in the car today?”

Ultimately, the driver shuts the cop down with an actual understanding of how the law works: "Just because I have a disc golf bag doesn’t mean that every disc golfer does have weed. ... I would say I have a problem with you searching my car because you’re profiling me based on being a disc golfer.”

A Drake University Law School professor explained to the local NBC affiliate that the search request wasn't legal, and that any evidence seized wouldn't have been admissible in court anyway. The police chief has apologized for the officer's "demeaning statement," and the city government has even called his theory of Frisbee golf players "foolish" and "ignorant."

But hey, it's not disc golfers' fault if the stuff is actually growing on the course...

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