Tweets Of The Week: Chet Cannon Takes The 'Challenge' Out Of Perfecting A Bow Tie

Turns out, it isn't as hard as it looks!

These days, your Twitter timeline says as much about you as your taste in movies or fashion sense, and ours is chock full o’ MTV greatness. Between the intriguing “Teen Wolf” stars and the “Code” jokesters, our network’s cast members always have a ton to share on social media. And each week, we’re rounding up the posts that had us RTing like crazy. Check out the latest!

Ladies, we concede -- when it comes to getting an outfit together, you have it much tougher than we gentlemen. But among all those slouchy T-shirts and dirty jeans that compose our no-frills wardrobes is one insufferably difficult apparel-obstacle.

The bow tie.

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Friends, I am at least a functionally intelligent human being. I'm registered to vote and, when push comes to shove, can balance a checkbook. But ask me to complete a tux with a bow tie and you might as well task me with diffusing a complex nuclear device. That is, until this week, when "Challenge" vet Chet Cannon put the process in true layman's terms (finally!) with a tutorial on his website and ensured I wouldn't be confused for a dog walker who'd mistakenly wandered into some upcoming wedding's cathedral. GIFT BASKET COMING YOUR WAY.


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