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'The Vampire Diaries': 3 Ways That Delena Will Get Back Together

Don't worry. Delena will be fine.

When Elena (Nina Dobrev) asked Alaric (Matt Davis) if she could be glamoured to forget her memories with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) on "The Vampire Diaries" last week, did anyone really think it could actually happen? That this person with whom her life has become so inextricably entwined could ever just disappear, "Eternal Sunshine" style? No?

Well it did happen, and in a heartbreaking, walk-down-memory-lane style manner that effectively broke the hearts of one of the show's most passionate (shipper) fan-bases, with the episode "Yellow Ledbetter." It sucked, there's no doubt about it, but we're here to tell you that we still 100 percent believe that "Delena" is the show's ultimate endgame. Here's how it might play out:

1. The "True Blood" Defense

As convinced as Elena seemed to be that Alaric could easily bring back her memories if Damon ever came back, we have to set ourselves up for the reality that it might not be that easy -- after all, Alaric is a newbie to this glamouring game, and if this show has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. (Or, more accurately, to expect a wrench thrown in Elena's plans for a happily ever after.)

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This is where the "True Blood" defense comes in. The relationship between Hoyt and Jessica never took center-stage quite like Damon and Elena's did on "Vampire Diaries," but it was still the most sweet, natural, and ultimately healthy relationship on the show. (Yes, Jessica strayed, but she approximately 19-years-old and dealing with the horrors of vampirism. Also, she and Hoyt both agreed that they didn't want children, while Sookie was never going to fit with Eric or Bill because she very much wanted to have a family.)

Hoyt and Jessica were apart for a solid year, but despite the absence of Hoyt's memories when they re-connected, the love between the two was so strong that he instantly felt it all over again. Damon and Elena have always had a similar bond, and their lives are just as entwined, if not more so, than Hoyt and Jessica's. So theoretically, even if Elena's positive memories were to stay erased, I bet she could overcome that via the overpowering nature of true love.

2. The "Eternal Sunshine" Defense

Okay, so maybe the Venn diagram of "Vampire Diaries" and Charlie Kaufman fans isn't jam-packed, but hear me out: both characters in this movie had their memories erased via science, which I'm going to guess is a lot more solid and irreversible than supernatural vampire-craft. They found each other anyway ("meet me in Montauk!") and were able to reboot their relationship, with all of the pain and turmoil from their first try literally mailed to them, so they could read all of their mistakes on paper.

Damon still has his memories of Elena, but what if Alaric were to erase his memories as well? (Considering he comes back, which of course he will.) They could both start all over again using just their natural attraction to each other, without the nagging guilt and regret from all of the pain they caused each other in the past. There are few people I know who wouldn't long for a blank slate, and with Alaric around, Damon and Elena could actually have one.

3. The "Vampire Diaries" Defense

This option might be the most likely of all -- that, as she told Caroline, Elena might just magically get her memories back from Alaric once Damon returns. True, using supernatural power is the easiest way out, but we've seen multiple other characters retrieve lost memories in the past. This might actually cause the most pain for Elena, since she'd have to keep her troubled past of emotionally cheating on Stefan, but hey, who would want to forget that magical Miss Mystic Falls dance, or that gifted necklace from the birthday party? I sure wouldn't.

Don't worry guys. We're going to get through this.

What do you think, "Vampire Diaries" fans? How will Damon and Elena get back together this time? Do you have a different theory? Let me know in the comments!