Rob Anderson

Watch The Tear-Jerking Reason This Guy Ripped Up A Homeless Veteran's Help Sign

You'll be smiling by the end of the video.

Street magician Rob Anderson approached a local homeless U.S. Army veteran on the Las Vegas streets and decided to put the man's kindness to the test. He "borrows" the vet's sign reading, "HOMELESS. Trying to get by. Anything Helps. God Bless" and rips it up into tiny pieces while goading the man in an infuriatingly disrespectful manner. But, what follows the experiment totally changes the tune.

Watch the video below to see how things pan out for the homeless vet and the "ballsy" magician.

In the end, it's all smiles for everyone as the homeless man, Alan McCracken, ends up with a handful of cash and a little pep in his step. But that wasn't the end of Anderson's good faith. He followed up the viral video with a campaign on GoFundMe to help raise $25,000 to get McCracken on his feet and into a home.

Rob Andereson

"I am starting this fund for Alan to provide him with an apartment in Las Vegas for six months, food, new clothes that he can wear to job interviews, other basic necessities, and to set up a bank account for his new life," Anderson wrote.

He followed up with an update that McCracken is currently receiving shelter and help through the VA, and has no idea how much money has been raised for his support. Anderson hopes to surprise the 6-year veteran "with a new start on life very soon."