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Red Bull Doesn't Actually Give You Wings... So Here's $10 Instead

Ridiculous lawsuit of the day alert.

Ever open up a can of Red Bull and wait for the budding sensation of wings sprouting out your back? No? Well, apparently, some consumers took the hyperbolic ad campaign that the company has employed for years a little too seriously. "Red Bull gives you wings" has been their slogan for a long time, but this new lawsuit will definitely put that campaign to bed.

As part of a class-action lawsuit settlement, the energy-drink maker agreed to pay anyone that bought its product in the last 12 years $10 or $15 worth of their products as reparations for the fact that no one drinking a Bull received the ability to take flight.

The Austria-based beverage company will pay out $13 million because of the "false claims." The kicker? No proof of purchase was necessary to collect your very own meager cash prize. So naturally, everyone wanted to get a little free money, even those of us who didn't actually believe the ads.

Not surprisingly, jilted consumers of the high-priced can of soda crashed the company’s claims website Wednesday (October 8) in their rush to collect their dough and the site is still down.

But to those lucky few who were able to log on and stake their claim, don’t count your money just yet.

Since the settlement was capped, if more than 130,000 people make their claim via the ‘Net, mail or toll free hotline, that $10 starts to dwindle as the $13 million will be divided evenly among the claimants.

Claims can be made until March 2, 2015, so keep checking that site if you're still reeling over your own lack of wings.