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A$AP Ferg Says Meeting Ralph Lauren Is 'Like Meeting God In The Flesh'

Ralph Lauren is having a pretty good year in the rap world. First Kanye West made "It ain't Ralph, though" a household phrase when he described the level of design he aspires to, and later turned it into a verse on Theophilus London's track "Can't Stop," and now A$AP Ferg is talking him up. In the latest episode of Complex's "Fashion Bros," the A$AP Mob member stopped by to talk about all things style related and dished on meeting his mentor IRL.

Ferg had some high praise for Ralph Lauren. Like as high as you can get: "It's like meeting God in the flesh. It's definitely spiritual. A prophet. He's like Elijah Muhammad."

The compliment for Ralph is all the more impressive considering A$AP Ferg really knows his fashion. What you might not know about Ferg is that the Trap Lord has an impressive résumé in the industry—and, true to A$AP mob form, he's not shy about flaunting it. "I went to school for art and design. My minor was art and my major was fashion. I used to design before I was rapping. Devoni was the name of the brand. Swiss Beatz owns a couple of my belts and Chris Brown owns like 12 of my belts." Nowdays he's putting to use the skills he honed from Devoni with his camouflage jersey Young & Reckless capsule collection.

Ferg then plugged A$AP Mob's home, saying "Harlem always had its own sense of fashion. We've always been overly confident. So bad it can seem like we're conceited. Even the brokest person is fly in Harlem."

Just going to put this into the universe: For his next video appearance, Ferg and Ralph Lauren should give a joint tour of Harlem.