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12 Times Pizza Just Nailed It

Oh, pie! Can this food do no wrong?

Pizza. It's like a black cocktail dress. A glass of whiskey neat. A well-cut suit on a dapper gentleman. It never goes out of style. Pizza, my friends, is forever. It's diamonds, baby -- the conflict-free kind.

While you likely need little reminding how glorious and dazzling that most regal of circle-shaped foods is, we thought that on this most mundane of days you might need yourself a pick-me-up -- a pick-me-up in the form of some of pizza's biggest wins in recent days.

Presenting... pizza just bein' pizza -- a.k.a. the best thing ever to grace this decaying ball of humanity we call Earth.

1. That Time That Guy From 'Harry Potter' Wore A T-Shirt From That Guy From 'Home Alone''s Pizza Band

We're not sure if this photo of Rupert Grint wearing a Pizza Underground shirt is legit -- the band posted it to Facebook -- but we're just going to accept it as truth. Because we want it to be true. We want it to be true so bad. The power of pizza compels you.

2. That Time This Cat Got Its Face Stuck In A Slice


And thus, two of the best things on earth became one...

3. That Time Katy Perry Wore A Pizza Onesie


4. And That Time She Wore A Pizza Bathing Suit

Just swimming in a sea of cheese and bubbling sauce...

5. That Time Someone Made A Pizza Bed

Claire Manganiello

Dreaming of pizza while reclining on pizza while eating pizza. Nothing. beats. this.

6. That Time Someone Made A Pizza Museum

Let's all take a field trip to Pizza Brain in Philly! Maybe we could stop for pizza! JK, they have pizza there!

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7. The Time Someone Got This Tattoo

8. And This One

9. And This Manicure

Totally stealing a bunch of these from Pizza Brain's Instagram since they are such wonderful curators of pizza culture.

10. The Time Miley Owned Up To Who She Really Is And Bought This Necklace

I prefer "pizza-promiscuous," but that's just me.

11. The Time This Cat Vowed To Never Let Go

Can you blame it?

12. And, Finally, This

Everyone dance for pizza!