Myrna Suarez / Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence Crowns Jay Z And Beyonce As Music's Royal Couple

JLaw knows what's up.

It's hard to think of an actress that everyone loves more than Jennifer Lawrence at the moment, so of course we're listening intently when JLaw explains which celebrities she's in love with. Not surprisingly, though, she's a huge fan of both Jay Z and Beyoncé.

In a behind-the-scenes video from her Vanity Fair interview, the 24-year-old reinforced what I already believe -- that Hov and Bey are music royalty -- and explained that she was a nervous wreck the first time she met Jay Z.

"I met Jay Z and I was so embarrassed because I was in a dress, and you could see my knees bouncing up and down, you know, when you get nervous?" she said, laughing. "He was like, 'Are you OK?' They're king and queen of America -- of music."

Sounds just like Jay, to be worried about JLaw's well-being. She also revealed that she's been a Beyoncé fan for a very long time. "I mean, Destiny's Child was my first CD." Obviously.