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#TBT: Remember When Heidi Montag Was A 'Superficial' Pop Star?

Spencer Pratt's better half isn't just a 'Hills' alum -- she was once a singer too!

As a publicity associate on "The Hills," Heidi Montag arranged and executed red carpets. But for a short while after, she walked them.

In case you've forgotten, Spencer Pratt's one-and-only released a dance-pop album called "Superficial" in early 2010, and today, the soon-to-be "Marriage Boot Camp" cast member reflected back on her time in the spotlight.

Heidi Montag's Instagram

"#TBT my album photoshoot #Superficial" tweeted Heidi with the racy shot above. And you thought Nirvana's "Nevermind" image was iconic? Pffft.

Though Heidi's disc didn't necessarily break Billboard chart records, it did garner a bit of a loyal following, and songs like "Body Language" really caught on with her fans. Plus, it gave her the opportunity to make perhaps the most inimitably glorious video ever produced. Haven't seen "Higher" yet? Then you've yet to live, friends.

Yeah, let that soak in.

So now that we've successfully strolled down memory lane, we have to ask, Heids -- when are we getting new tunes? This Spotify playlist has grown a bit stale.

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