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Nick Cannon Reveals The 'Harshest' Thing About His Public Split With Mariah Carey

Cannon opens up about his relationship...sort of.


Rumors about a split between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have been swirling for a while now, and although Cannon hasn't specifically addressed their relationship, the 34-year-old did reveal one of the most difficult parts about living his private life in the public eye.

"It's interesting because dealing with your personal life in the public eye and really, a lot of the time, public opinion is the harshest thing about it," he said during sitdown with "HuffPost Live."

"So you kind of have to block out all that stuff, even coming and speaking about it and talking about it... because people are going to have opinions. I always kind of came to that belief, what people say about me is really none of my business."

"I think I tweeted something: Don't worry about my life, worry about why you're worried about my life."

Still, as someone who has been in the public eye for his entire adult life -- he's a rapper, actor, comedian, host and radio personality -- Cannon says he understands the interest comes with the territory. "I also know what I signed up for, too," he admitted. "I handle myself in a way where I never dodge any question."

And he doesn't hold a grudge against people who cover his life (and, sometimes, follow him) for a living.

"I'm one of those dudes like, Yo, dude, I respect your hustle. I know what you gotta do. But I'm gonna give you what I gotta give you, and we gonna keep it pushing and the respect should be mutual."

"Honestly, when you're dealing with things in your personal life, business is usually the thing -- at least for me -- that keeps you going. And staying focused."