Is This More Proof That Jay Electronica's Album Is Coming Soon?

Another productive studio session.

It's coming. It has to be. No I.D. has been hard at work in the studio with Jay Z and Jay Electronica -- and although none of them have commented on where that music will end up -- it's looking like some of it might be for Jay Elect's long awaited album.

In a recent Instagram post, Dion shared a video of Jay Electronica vibing out to a new beat. The New Orleans rapper looked like he was mouthing along some potential lyrics to the beat, giving us hope that this could be a taste of his upcoming project.

He recently explained that he has plenty of material banked, but he's simply not ready to churn out a final product yet.

“[Jay's] very involved, and we’ve got a good relationship,” he told MTV News. “The greatest thing that he’s done with me, is that he’s been very patient with me — just letting me do me, and take my time. He’s got the music, but I’ve still gotta get to a point where I’m comfortable with it, because at the end of the day it’s me coming.”

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