One Last Palos Hills Hurrah: 'Awkward' Renewed For Fifth (And Final) Season

Will Jenna go to college? Will Jake get signed to an indie label? We need answers!

It seems like just yesterday Jenna Hamilton choked on a couple of aspirin, knocked her hairdryer into a tub and mistakenly convinced the better part of Palos Hills that she was a flagrant suicide risk. Ah, memories...

"Awkward," which has followed the sarcastic student and blogger and her pals since 2011, has been renewed for a fifth and final season, which will air after Season 4's current second leg, according to Deadline. More "Awkward," but with a definite expiration date? We finally understand the concept of bittersweet!


So will Jenna brush herself off after rejection from Southern Coast University and fulfill her dream of becoming a famous ink slinger? Will Sadie found a food truck operation all her own? We're not sure, but the show's actors are certain that they're ready for any ride.

"YAS HONEY. let's do this," Molly Tarlov tweeted after she got the news, while Jillian Rose Reed rhetorically asked "You wanted one more, right?!" Uhh, does Valerie Marks have a thing for men in bear suits?!


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