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Get Ready To Sob Uncontrollably From These Dogs Reuniting With Their Owners

Warning: Grab the tissues ASAP.

No one loves you more unconditionally than your dog. Despite your faults, flaws and questionable hygiene, your pooch accepts you for the person you are. No matter how far away you go -- or for how long -- your dog will be happy to welcome you back with lots of slobbery kisses. Here are some of our favorite videos of dogs reuniting with their owners.

This dog didn't see her owner for two years, then PASSED OUT from excitement:

Look at this big dog acting just like a puppy when his owner came back from Kuwait:

This one is amazing: After a tornado, a woman pulled her dog out from the rubble of her decimated neighborhood. She reunited with her pooch on live TV.

This dog couldn't help but cry when she finally saw her original owners:

And this pup missed her dad so much when he was overseas for six months:

Gracie's reaction was priceless! No wonder 20 million people have watched it...

This police dog was shot in the line of duty, but he thankfully recovered, and got to reunite with his best pal:

And finally, here's a compilation of dogs welcoming their owners back from duties overseas. Cue all the tears...