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Lo Bosworth Dishes On Lauren Conrad's Wedding (And Its 'Good Bartenders')

The former 'Hills' lady has fond -- but somewhat hazy -- memories of her BFF's nuptials.

Lo Bosworth may have left the Hollywood "Hills" several years ago, but this gal still knows how to live it up. The proof: The blond beauty had the time of her life at longtime pal Lauren Conrad's recent nuptials -- so much so that her memory of the vineyard reception is a bit fuzzy.

"I was a couple cocktails deep!" the Laguna Beach native told HuffPost Live when asked about the cuisine. "What did I eat? The food was good. I remember it being delicious. I think I had the vegetarian option."

Meanwhile, as her bridal party and pals got a bit rowdy, LC was as cool as cucumber...naturally.

"She was a very, very calm bride," Lo said of the new Mrs. William Tell, just after stating the obvious: "She was one of the most dazzling brides I've ever seen...the gown was just spectacular."

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And what else does Lo remember about the magical affair?

"Good cocktails. Good bartenders," said the chef, who served as one of the fashionista's 10 bridesmaids. "My friends and I, we know how to have a good party."

Well, we've known that Lo and LC are experts when it comes to having fun ever since we first saw them in action at the unforgettable Black & White affair a decade ago. Note to both: We're available to rip it up on the dance floor with you to "Come Clean" or "Unwritten" -- anytime, anywhere.