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Snoop Dogg And DJ Mustard Came Up With The Perfect Name For Their Mixtape

The food puns abound.

Snoop Dogg is a legend from the West Coast, and DJ Mustard has been at the forefront of the wave of new Los Angeles artists over the last few years. So it's only right that they work together -- which they need to, after coming up with the perfect mixtape name.

"I'm done with my album now," Mustard said during a visit to Snoop's web series "GGN."

"I know, I had to let you do your thing," the Doggfather said. "I want you to hand craft the whole record. Like, 'I got the record from the intro to the first song to the second song to the third song to the next intro to the fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, tenth song -- I got it all lined up. All you gotta do is come in here and put a concept and some lyrics on that motherf--ker.' Some of them may already have a concept."

And, of course, Snoop has already come up with the tasty title for the project.

"That makes the motherf--king project: Hot Dogg Wit Mustard. My god!"

There's plenty of options for song titles, too: From the anti-hater anthem "No Corn Dogs on Our Plate" to the joint for the ladies, "Dreams of Big Buns."

"We gotta put that together ASAP," Mustard agreed. "I'm with it."

Me, too.