'Teen Mom 2' Reunion: Adam Opens Up About The Car Crash That Nearly Killed Him

Chelsea's ex says the experience was life-changing.

Chelsea's ex Adam addressed his fiery car crash on this past season of "Teen Mom 2," but he revealed much more about the "life-altering" experience on tonight's reunion special with Dr. Drew.

"The worst part about everything is the media," he said. "I almost f**king died in that car. These two little girls almost lost their daddy. And [the media] said, 'He should have died -- he doesn't deserve to see his kids.'"

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Meanwhile, Chelsea's father Randy -- who's often had difficulty seeing eye-to-eye with his daughter's former boyfriend -- was asked a challenging question: If Adam was your son, what advice would you give him?

Papa Randy responded by saying he understood some of the difficulties Adam has been facing, such as raising two children with two different women. Regardless, he wondered when all of Adam’s wrong turns would make him finally realize that he needed to follow a better path.

"You get to a point, and I think probably he's getting close to it or he's probably reached it, and you say, 'Jesus, I'm either going to go down in a flaming ball of fire and self-destruct, or I'm gonna get my s**t together and do what I'm gonna do," Randy said.

In response, Adam said he did experience that moment -- and Randy couldn't help but wonder if it affected the young father in some way.

"You have no idea," a somber Adam replied, before explaining that he was knocked unconscious and needed to be pulled from the vehicle.

While Adam has made a full recovery from the accident, it's clear he still carries a heavy burden while coping with its aftermath. And while he has, as Dr. Drew said, "a deep connection" with his eldest daughter, was his recent experience enough to change him as a father to both his girls? Share your thoughts in the comments below.