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7 Things We Learned About Jennifer Lawrence Today That Confirm We Should Be Best Friends

Mystery solved: 'Real Housewives of Miami' is her favorite.

JLaw-ites, rejoice! As "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" prepares to nest in theaters on Nov. 21, actress Jennifer Lawrence is making press rounds once again and delighting us with more and more reasons she should be our BFF. (She just hasn't had the chance to get to know us yet!)

Most recently, Lawrence was interviewed for a long cover feature for the November issue of Vanity Fair. There, she addressed the her hacked nude photos for the first time publicly, but she also touched on lighter fare. For example, which "Real Housewives" cadre does she think is "really special"? Which household pests will she allow to live, and which will she simply "move"?

Here are the seven things we learned from the Vanity Fair issue on newsstands now that convince us that JLaw is amazing girlcrush material.

1. She's a fear sweater

Lawrence greeted her interviewer, Vanity Fair's Sam Kashner, and then pointed out her perspiration. "I must be nervous. Look at the sweat under my arms."

2. She blames hormones for forgetting to thank David O. Russell and Harvey Weinstein in her Oscar acceptance speech.

"It was probably because I f--ked up on my birth-control pills and I was hormonally out of control that night," she said. Also, she had just faceplanted on TV.

3. Her taste in reality TV is varied and thorough.

“'Shark Tank'," she said when asked to identify her favorite show. "Wait, oh, 'Dance Moms' — that is a good one! OK, maybe my favorite is 'Dance Moms,' but I do love my 'Real Housewives.' But there’s also — there’s 'Doomsday Preppers.' 'Hoarders' is OK. I find it gets a little boring after a while, but it’s great. I love 'Intervention,' 'New York Housewives' — and Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Atlanta 'Housewives.' I mean, I love them all, but Miami — oh, my God! Miami is really special."

4. She's got beef with Perez Hilton.

Lawrence took issue with celebrity blogger Hilton reposting her leaked nude photos. "He took it down because people got pissed, and that's the only reason why," she said. "And then I had to watch his apology. And what he basically said was 'I just didn't think about it.' 'I just didn't think about it' is not an excuse. That's the exact issue itself."

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5. She believes she's a "Godd--n miracle"

"I'm the baby and the only girl born in my family in 50 years and the only girl born since," she said. "My brother just had two boys. My other brother's wife is pregnant. I said to my brother, 'Dude, get ready. You're going to have a boy.' Lawrences only make boys. I was a godd--n miracle."

6. She has very specific opinions about pest control.

She sidelined into a rant about various bugs and pests during her interview. "See that spider? That spider isn't even close to hurting us or anything, but I want to go seek it out just to kill it. That's how much I hate spiders. Bumblebees? I won't kill a bumblebee. I'll move a bumblebee." Flies, spiders and mosquitoes, however, get the boot.

"Dead, dead, dead. Crickets? I'll kill a cricket." However, as she explains, she has her reasons: "Because they jump into my house. I leave the door open. They jump in my house, and the I'm lying in bed and one will just start chirping in my room. Drives me crazy. I'm thinking about cutting one of their heads off and just kind of leaving it outside the door, sending others a message. Get tiny little cocktail sticks, little toothpicks, and put them on stakes. But crickets wouldn't get that -- it would be way over their heads. Rats would understand. Rats are smart motherf--kers."

7. When it comes to relationships, it's really all about farts and reality TV.

"I would just rather have somebody that has the same taste in reality TV and, you know, isn't afraid to fart in front of me than to have big, passionate love," she said. "I don't like fighting, and I find argumentative people the most annoying people on the planet. Like, why do you still want to be fighting? It's just unattractive. We should both just move on and watch TV. Basically, what I'm saying is all I need in a relationship is somebody to watch TV with me."

The full article is in the November issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands now.