'Happyland' Scandal Report: Dazzle Darling Learns Heartbreaking Secret About Father

Daddy's little girl? Not so much...

Father knows best? Certainly not in the Velez household.

Casey Casey Freeman and Shannon Baek

In the aftermath of the latest "Happyland" scandal, in which longtime park darling Lucy Velez learned she and crush Ian Chandler were a little more than just kissing cousins, sources tell us Lucy's had her world turned upside-down for a second time.

Lucy's mother Elena, who's played the park princess for years, devastated her daughter when she explained that Lucy's father, Happyland's own President Chandler, didn't want her. According to transcriptions obtained by Teen Tuesday, Elena shockingly confessed she was Chandler's mistress years ago, and that when he learned she was pregnant with Lucy, Chandler tried to pay her off to "get it taken care of." The words of a trusted leader?

Teen Tuesday is asking anyone who can corroborate Velez's allegation to reach out.

Happyland representatives did not respond to repeated requests for comment.