Emma Watson Thanks Fans For HeForShe In The Best Way Possible

Gender equality campaign support: managed.

Emma Watson has been a fan favorite ever since she let the haters know that it's leviosa, not leviosar, but the recent launch of her HeForShe gender equality campaign brought Watson-mania to an all-time high. Basically, all the points to Gryffindor.

Watson has been retweeting public support of the campaign since its launch a few weeks back, but now the actress has officially taken to Twitter to offer up her heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming amount of support HeForShe has received worldwide.

"Between 20th Sep & 2nd Oct there were 1.1million #HeForShe tweets from 750K different users, reaching 1.2 BILLION unique Twitter users," she wrote on October 8.

Let's keep the love going, and find out what else Watson had to say below!