Thomas Barwick

News Station Accidentally Tweets Porn Link, Pornhub Responds


Let this be a lesson, friends -- always, always proofread your social media posts. On Tuesday morning, Memphis news station WREG News Channel 3 accidentally tweeted out a link to a very NSFW porn site.

("Rockbone"? Is that what they're calling hurricanes nowadays?)

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WREG followed up by deleting the tweet (duh) and apologizing...

...though they're blaming the mishap on Wi-Fi hackers. Uh-huh. We totally believe you, WREG.

Pornhub even replied to the tweet.

There's some good in this social media fail, though -- WREG used their newfound fame and glory to encourage donations to different charities.

Also, people really like making sexual innuendos.

Safe tweeting, everybody.