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Men's Health Names Double Amputee Vet The 'Ultimate' Guy

We first learned of Sgt. Noah Galloway on 'True Life: I'm Doing A Tough Mudder.'

In 2005, 23-year-old Noah Galloway woke up in a military hospital, missing two of his limbs. A week earlier, he'd driven over a tripwire that detonated a roadside bomb. It was Christmas, and "I was done."

In the aftermath, Galloway struggled with alcoholism. A decade later, though, he's being honored as an inspirational fitness icon, with Men's Health magazine naming him the "Ultimate Men's Health Guy" in next month's issue after a nationwide search of 1,200 candidates.

For five years after the attack, Galloway told the magazine, "I'd sit at home and drink and smoke and sleep. That's all I did." Then, in 2010, a long look in the mirror convinced him that he no longer wanted to be (in the magazine's words) "dirty, flabby, sallow, beer-soaked."

He started going to the gym, but only after 2 a.m. because his disability made him feel "embarrassed." Then he started competing in races such as Spartan, grew more comfortable appearing in public, and appeared on MTV's "True Life: I'm Doing A Tough Mudder."

Galloway, who's now raising three kids and works with charities for wounded vets, told Men's Health that he wouldn't want the award "just because I'm injured," and wants "people to see more than my injury." Yeah, man, not a problem.

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