Watch A Real Life Batplane Drive AND Take Flight

I am officially updating my Christmas list.

Roads? Where this flying car is going, they don't need roads. (Except for when they have to park, at that point they might need a road.)

Basically, you should all be freaking out now, because the Slovakian company AeroMobil has essentially made the Batplane, minus all of the guns and stuff. The roadable aircraft can drive and park normally on the streets, but it can also fly 430 miles in the air on one tank of petrol, which means we're all one step closer to living in an '80s sci-fi movie.

The only downside to the design right now is that the wings fold into the backseat when they're not in use, so you can't bring all of your friends along for the futuristic ride. But still -- this is undeniably awesome, and sure to be the talk of the October 29 Pioneers Festival in Austria, where it's set to launch.

No word yet on when they're going to add the time travel function, but we assume that's coming any day now. Check, check check it out: