Watch Kristen Stewart Giggle And Blush Over Her New 'Relationship'

It's definitely puppy love.

Kristen Stewart was on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday to promote her new film "Camp X-Ray," where she confirmed that she met somebody significant while she was making the movie. It all started when a friend of hers drove up with a pair of new acquaintances he'd met at the park...

...and ended, presumably, with a lot of licking.

"He opened the door, and there were two sleeping babies," Kristen said, describing the moment in which she first laid eyes on the puppies her friend had rescued after finding them abandoned in the park.

Stewart is a well-documented dog lover, and although she initially set out to find good homes for the pups, the story ultimately ended with her and her friend adopting one each. And while it's not exactly hot gossip, we will say this: for a lady who's always shied away from questions about her private life, Kristen doesn't hesitate to gush about how totally in love she is with her new four-legged friend, and it's really pretty adorable.