The 12 Greatest 'American Horror Story' WTF Moments Ever

Oh yes they did.

Nazi perverts. Rubber sex suits. Impromptu dance numbers. Talking severed heads. If there's one thing that can be said for "American Horror Story," it's that the show is not afraid to go there. In the world of "American Horror Story," when the question is "Ohmigod, did they just...?", the answer, always, is:

"Yes. Yes, they did."

And in honor of the show's return tonight for its fourth season, we've rounded up twelve most amazing WTF moments from the show's three-year run.

1. Bloody Face knows that breast is best.

2. Our first glimpse of Rubber Man.

3. Dr. Arden expresses his love of nature.

4. Violet locates the source of that bad smell.

5. Delphine LaLaurie learns about the civil rights movement.

6. Adam Levine demonstrates a move you know he's used before.

7. The name game!

8. Famous last words.


9. Ben Harmon beats himself up until he cries.

10. The asylum has a surprise guest.

11. The devil slips into something more comfortable... before slipping it to the Monsignor.

12. And finally, even though "American Horror Story: Freak Show" hasn't premiered yet, its promos alone have delivered at least one trip to Crazytown already.

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