'Sons Of Anarchy': What's Next For Jax, Gemma And Juice?

Probably not a lunch date.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

"We did this!"

For the first time all season, Juice finally talked some sense, blaming himself and Gemma for the Diosa massacre, and all of the other horrors currently happening on "Sons of Anarchy." Of course, his lucid comments came mere minutes after murdering an innocent motel employee for no good reason, but that's "Sons" for you.

The wild final season took some even wilder turns on last night's episode, "Some Strange Eruption." Juice and Gemma's alliance finally fractured, once Juice realized that Gemma was plotting to kill him. Now, the tables are turned, and Juice is the one with the gun on Gemma. But can he pull the trigger?

That's far from the only source of drama: Jax Teller's vendetta against Henry Lin became a public affair, as the SAMCRO president confronted Lin for ordering the death of Jax's wife, Tara. (Little does Jax know, Lin had nothing to do with that murder, but that's just a minor detail.) Now, Jax needs to plot his next moves against Lin, while also looking into who snitched on the club's plans in the first place.

So many questions, so few answers. Let's look at the biggest question marks up in the air right now:

Will Juice Kill Gemma?


No chance. Gemma could easily die this season, but not at Juice's hand — not right now, at least. There's still so much tension in the Jax-Gemma relationship; she won't die until that vein opens up. Juice might physically harm Gemma, sure, but don't expect him to fatally wound her in the next episode.

Will Gemma Kill Juice?

Now, there's a question. Has Juan Carlos Ortiz outlived his usefulness on "Sons of Anarchy," or is there more to his story? Given the emphasis on the Juice storyline all season long, it feels early to cut Juice out of the picture right here and now. But it's not impossible. Gemma has done far worse. If Juice lets his guard down for a minute, Gemma could very easily bring the exiled Son to an end.

What Is Jax's Next Move?


His vendetta against Henry Lin is out and on the table. But he stopped just short of killing Lin, thanks to the untimely arrival of Stockton PD. Yes, Lin and his men are incarcerated now, and the Sons have proven their ability to kill people behind bars — but is that satisfying enough for Jax? And is there still a chance that Lin can exact vengeance against Jax, even from a prison cell?

Who Betrayed Jax?

It's easy to point the finger at Jury, the Indian Hills President who lost a loved one to Jax's war against Henry Lin. But if Jury ratted out SAMCRO, then why didn't Lin know about Jax's reasons for waging war? Could it be that someone else is behind the leak? Thinking about it, Barosky was pretty quick to put a bullet in his traitorous associate's head; was he really just angry, or was he trying to shut the guy up before he could say too much?

Is Unser In Too Deep?


Charming's former head of police lives and breathes the outlaw life, whether he likes it or not. Even though Wayne is back on the CPD's payroll as a consultant, and even though he gave Sheriff Jarry crucial information that led to the arrest of the Triad, he also spent much of the episode cleaning up a literal bloodbath, caused by Juice. Sure, Unser wants to do what's right. He wants to stop the bloodshed. But what chance does he stand when he's literally ankles-deep in blood?

Is Jibs In Too Deep?

"Jibs" being Jarry and Chibs, the newest romance in Charming. The small-town sheriff and the outlaw group's second-in-command have moved past flirtation and straight into the bedroom, going so far as to kiss each other out in public, in broad daylight. This is not just a physical fling. These two people care for each other. But their roles in society couldn't be further apart. Is there any chance these two can find happiness in the middle of all this chaos? Or is there only room for one love story? (If that's the case, then sign us up for Team Tenus all the way. Tig and Venus are everything.)

What's Abel's Deal?

The son of the Sons of Anarchy's leader has been firmly in the spotlight all season long, questioning his mother's death, wondering about his father's actions… and now, he's wielding weapons, because he knows how easily people get hurt in Charming, and he won't allow that to happen to his little brother, Thomas. What's the next step for Abel? The young child's life is escalating quickly, but where does it go? Does he turn that hammer on someone? How long before Abel really follows in his father's footsteps, and causes more harm than good?