This Tourist Asked Beyonce And Jay Z Who They Are -- And Lived!

'Who are you?'

Free life lesson: if you're going to film Jay Z and Beyoncé taking daughter Blue Ivy on a private tour of The Louvre in Paris, you should at least know who they are.

A tourist-turned-wannabe paparazzo made a major faux pas when he tried to get footage of the On The Run Tour headliners making their way into the historic French museum.

"Who is he?" the cameraman asked about the world-renowned rapper from Brooklyn.

The Magna Carta... Holy Grail MC then gave the best response ever as he walked by with his daughter in his arms and his super-famous wife -- who was busy taking photos of her own -- trailing behind.

"Who are you?" he retorted with the steeliest gaze this side of Marcy Projects.

The uninformed videographer tried to laugh it off, but come on. Has this guy literally never seen or heard about hip-hop's royal family? Has he even heard of the Internet?