Did Jenna And Matty Find Their Soul Mates, Or Is This About To Get 'Awkward'?

She turned to Owen, and he's trying his best to nab Gabby.

Back-and-forth couple Jenna Hamilton and Matty McKibben have gone in more circles than a tether ball in a championship match, but is the game finally going to end?

After kissing Owen on New Year's Eve and dealing with the guilt of breaking her no-hookup pact with Matty, Jenna tried as best she could to avoid the sophomore on tonight's "Awkward" episode. But, for all her efforts, she couldn't seem to shake the classical music buff, and when Owen proved to be a shoulder for Jenna to cry on after she was rejected from Southern Coast University, she officially gave in and engaged in a full-blown makeout session with her crush.

Owen is sensitive, artistic and a thoughtful listener -- could he be exactly what Jenna needs?

All the while, Matty, who's landed more dates than pilots have planes, couldn't seem to get Gabby to notice him. Sadie urged him to give up and insisted that the Palos Hills teenage tennis pro only went after college guys, but Matty couldn't help himself, and Gabby's cold shoulder only compounded his desire to get her to go out with him.

A fellow athlete, could the brash, self-assured Gabby help Matty get over Jenna?

What do you think of Jatty's new prospects? Give your take on Gabby and Owen as the former lovebirds' new potential matches!