Nat & Alex Wolff Wrote A Song About Hating Cats (But We Love Them Anyway)

The cat thing was only part of the song, but it really struck a chord.

If you break Nat and/or Alex Wolff's heart, you might end up in a song -- especially if you speak ill of canines.

After the brothers premiered their new jams, "Where I'm Goin'" and "Rock Star," on MTV News on Monday (October 6) -- and executed an awesome @MTV Twitter takeover -- the boys told us a little bit about the stories behind the songs. And one of those stories, like many we hold dear, involves furred beasts.

While Alex said that it's not exactly clear what "Where I'm Goin'" is about, he did admit that it was about a specific girl -- one who enjoyed felines and owned a sweater with shoulder pads and whiskey stains all over it.

"I've never really been a big fan of cats -- I love dogs," Alex told MTV News, when we brought up the subject of the Internet's favorite animal. "But this girl that I basically wrote the song about loved cats and didn't like dogs and then after she broke my heart I wrote the song... saying that I don't like cats or her."

Aw, don't take it out on the purring ones, Alex! Just look at this majestic beast...


Take a peek at the video below to find out more about "Where I'm Goin'" and "Rock Star" -- and then listen to those tracks (again) at Nat&

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