Can You Make It Through All 28 Of These Scary Halloween Accessories?

Repeat after me: It's not real. It's not real.

Every Halloween, there's always some creep lurking around a party in a horrifying mask trying to scare everyone, and guess what, dudes? This year it could be you! But to get a truly freaky ensemble, you gotta nail down those accessories. It's the tiny details that really take your costume from kinda spooky to downright bloodcurdling, and I've got 28 pieces that totally prove my point. Beware: They get scarier as you scroll!

We'll start off easy. Hey, this isn't so bad!

Totally Costumes

Blood Drip Necklace, $4.

Talk about a mani gone wrong, amirite?

Spirit Halloween

Zombie Rotten Hands, $15.

These glasses are kind of badass, TBH.

Zombie Glasses with Prosthetic Eyeball, $7.

A backpack made out of a zombie baby? OK, you've got my attention.

Zombie Baby Backpack, $30.

Hope he has health insurance....

Spirit Halloween

Compound Fracture, $8.

Very low-key horrifying. I like that.

Miss Bitchy Mask, $59.

Why so messy, tho?

Spirit Halloween

Devoured Hand Zombie Kit, $10.

Accidents happen. :(

Bloody Headband with Scissors, $7.

Should I make a splitting headache pun or nah?

Bloody Gash, $6.

Just some classic exorcism stuff happening here. Move along, people. Move along.

Regan The Exorcist Mask, $49.

She mad.

Gut Buster, $89.

This is called the "Meateater Mask," BTW.

Meateater Mask, $39.

Coincidentally, this guy is missing a lot of "meat."

Bare Ribs Prosthetic, $11.

Whoa. You OK, bro?

Gates of Hell Zombie Mask, $29.

Ugh, I hate when that happens.

Gore and Guts, $20.

[Insert joke about being screwed here.]

Spirit Halloween

Screwed Appliance, $15.

Dude, I'm shocked too.

Slashed Face Serial Killer Mask, $15.

The definition of "hangry."

Spirit Halloween

Walking Dead Split Jaw Latex Prosthetic, $15.

That's a whole lotta NOPE.

Captain Spaulding Clown Mask, $33.

Next time try a Red Bull?

Spirit Halloween

Wide Awake Appliance, $10.


Zombie Latex Mask, $25.

Yeahhhh, I can't do this anymore.

Spirit Halloween

Stapled Mouth Mask, $10.

Please stop.

Halloween Asylum

Grub Mask, $55.


The Horror Dome

Infested Collector Halloween Mask, $58.

I died.

The Halloween Dome

Spider Victim Collector Halloween Mask, $60.

Yep, I'm dead.

The Horror Dome

Little Brother Latex Chest, $60.

Bye 4ever.

Halloween Asylum

Siamese Mask, $60.

Sweet dreams!

Bloody Coulrophobia Clown Mask, $55.

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