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Lil Wayne Snaps On Yo Gotti's 'Errrbody (Remix)': Listen

Tunechi goes in on the new remix alongside Yo Gotti and Ludacris.

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V is due later this month, but -- thankfully for Weezy fans -- that doesn't mean he can't take some time out to drop bars for friends. And that's what he's done twice this week, first on Game's "F--k Yo Feelings," and now on Yo Gotti's "Errrbody (Remix)."

After screaming "I ain't got Instagram" (Gotti's hook complains about people fronting on Instagram), Tunechi launches into his energetic verse, spitting rhymes at a feverish pace and dropping the tongue-twisting couplet: "And I really got bazookas with the silencer/ Pointed right at your medulla oblongata/ Ramen noodles on your collar."

Gotti was certainly impressed with Weezy's verbal display.

"Man, that Wayne verse is killer," he told Noisey. "I got that verse from him when we were out on the Drake Vs. Wayne Tour. You know, I think there was just so much good energy out there, so many people coming out there. And one thing he always said in his show is that he made classic records. I think this is a classic Lil Wayne verse."

Ludacris is also featured on the track, and even though we haven't heard much music from him lately, he doesn't sound like he's lost a step.

"Luda's one of the artists I respect that I'd never worked with on a record," Gotti added. "Plus, he's also one of the artists that I never heard a wack verse from. Certain artists like Bun B, Luda, you just never heard a wack verse from."

Yo Gotti's The Art of Hustle is due out later this year.