Is 'Sons Of Anarchy' About To Pull The Trigger On Its Deadliest Villain?

Mr. Mayhem is currently on hold.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

An already forked-up situation got forked even further on tonight's "Sons of Anarchy," titled "Some Strange Eruption." After the Lin Triad's brutal attack on Diosa last week, Jax Teller and the Sons are forced to move faster than expected, but the end result isn't exactly what they hoped for.

Meanwhile, Gemma Morrow Teller — the person responsible for all this mayhem, seeing as she killed Tara and tossed the blame at Henry Lin — finally suffers some blowback of her own, at the hands of her accomplice, Juice. As it stands, it looks like Gemma has a hot date with Mr. Mayhem…

Here's everything that just went down on "Sons":

Jax Makes His Move

The secret's out: Jax Teller wants Henry Lin dead for Tara Knowles' murder, and everybody knows it.

Jax confesses as much to Nero. Heck, he even tells Lin himself. The Lin Triad's attack on Diosa forces Jax's hand, destroying his ability to sneak-attack Lin and torture him slowly. Instead, he has all of the Triad rounded up in Stockton, and demands a street brawl with Lin before carting him away to be tortured and killed. Jax channels his inner Red Viper and demands Lin's confession: "Say her name! Her name was Tara! Say her name!"

But Lin claims he has no idea what Jax is talking about, because, well, he doesn't; the Triad had nothing to do with Tara's murder. That doesn't stop Jax from wanting Henry's head — the arrival of Stockton police takes care of that for him.

With cops about to arrive on the scene, Jax is forced to leave without killing Lin and the Triad. "We'll get him on the inside," Bobby assures him. But as we know from seven seasons of "Sons," nothing's ever that easy.

At the very least, Jax is able to get some of his anger out on the Triad in a drive-by-shooting, before returning to Charming to plot his next move.

Nero Chooses Anarchy


"I'm tired of fighting… I'm tired."

Exhausted Nero Padilla is forced to make a decision between his loyalty to the Sons, or his loyalty to the Lin-Mayan alliance. He chooses the former, surprisingly enough, even after Lin pledges to kill Nero's son if he doesn't deliver Jax's head by the end of the business day.

In the end, Nero selects the family he's created with Gemma, and with Jax. He sells out the Triad, and SAMCRO protects Nero's son. Nero's choice makes sense given his love for Gemma and Jax, and what he now knows about Lin ordering Tara's death — except, once again, Lin did not order Tara's death; will Nero whistle a different tune if and when he learns the truth?

Unser Chooses Law


Like Nero, Charming's former police chief Wayne Unser has been caught between two allegiances. Is he a willfully ignorant member of SAMCRO's extended family, or is he the man who served as a law enforcement officer for the better part of his adulthood? Can he keep looking the other way as the bodies start to drop?

The Diosa massacre pushes Unser close to the edge, and Gemma's confession that the Chinese killed Tara finishes the job. Unser relays that information to Sheriff Jarry (now officially sleeping with Chibs, by the way, so there's that), paving the way for the Triad's arrests at Stockton.

Not that Unser's hands are entirely clean…

Juice Checks Out


The walls continue closing in on the estranged Son. Juice learns about the Diosa massacre when he leaves his motel to buy a newspaper. While he's out, an Asian man spots him and shouts after him. The man enters Juice's motel room, and Juice murders him, with several bullets to the face.

When Gemma and Unser show up to get Juice out of the state, they're horrified at the discovery, especially because the man was just a motel clerk demanding that Juice pay another night of rent. Unser volunteers to stay behind and clean up the body, proving that he still has blood on his hands — literally.

Gemma, meanwhile, takes Juice away on her own, promising to bring him to her father's house. And by father's house, she means a ditch somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Juice asks why Gemma isn't taking him to Oregon, and she says the plan has changed; Nero's going to help Juice go south of the border.

Except Nero is the exact reason why Juice is on the run; SAMCRO wants Juice dead for telling Nero that he killed his friend, Darvany. So Juice knows that Nero would never help him — and knows that Gemma's lying. He causes their car to crash, then holds Gemma at gunpoint.

"You were going to kill me?" he shouts, tears in his eyes. "I saved you. I trusted you!"

But Gemma couldn't trust Juice — and now, she's at his mercy, her fate left unknown for now. Will Gemma meet Mr. Mayhem next week? Or can she somehow talk her way out of Juice's justice?

What did you think of the latest "Sons of Anarchy"?

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