Wiz Khalifa Reveals 'Purple Rain' Hair

Wiz Khalifa has a new 'do. Like, really different. The rapper took his hair from dark to light to purple and–lucky for us!–documented the three-step process on Twitter.

Step One

While Wiz has dabbled in a bleached streak through the front of his hair before, he's never gone this light. He bleached his dreads entirely and shared the result. Don't get used to it, though–it was short-lived.

Step Two

Next is the application process. Like any good client, Wiz makes a point to give a shout out to his colorist, who is taking him from no color to bright color.

Step Three

And then, of course, he shares the result. Dang, that is purple. Like, purple-purple. Maybe there was a specific reason behind the dye decision? Regardless, it's an entirely different look and will definitely pop onstage during his "Blacc Hollywood Big Secret Tour," which kicks off on October 24.

I have an overwhelming desire to listen to Prince now, anyone else? Oh, you too, Wiz? Cool.

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