5SOS Get Arrested -- In Their 'Good Girls' Single Art

They also tease an EP.

5 Seconds Of Summer look to be going all Cobra Starship in the art for their newest single, "Good Girls" -- in that they're probably primed to make them go bad. The lads released the single art on Twitter, a snap of the foursome mugging in, well, a mugshot.

Rumor has it that the video for the jam, off their self-titled debut album, was shot in an abandoned prison, so it looks like the guys are hanging up their superhero capes this time around. We hope they still continue to shun pants, though.

Michael, Calum, Ahston and Luke also teased a new EP on Twitter, which will apparently be available on October 10 for pre-order in the U.S. Perhaps the dudes will bust out some more covers this time around? We really dug that Green Day flashback on the Amnesia EP.

In the meantime, we'll just be sitting here like this, waiting...

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