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'Snack-Off' Judge Chrissy Teigen Binge-Eats Her Way Through A Birth

The model chowed down on comfort food (and lotsa wine) while live-tweeting her niece's arrival.

"Snack-Off"'s legendary Snacktopia is said to be the apex of junk food consumption, but last night, judge Chrissy Teigen gave the nom-nom-Neverland a run for its money.

While cozily awaiting a room service dinner, the supermodel got exciting word that her sister was in labor. And though hours spent in a waiting room can feel like a chore for most, Chrissy, in true C. Teigs fashion, made the whole thing seem like a blast once she set up shop in Obstetrics.

"Waiting room. Baby still all up inside my sister. #updates," she tweeted with the Instagram photo above, making sure to note "Well this looks painful" when the delivery was in full swing. Chrissy also made an effort to capture her dad drifting off into dreamland, and observe, perhaps in a half-asleep haze, "I follow way too many people that provide me with the latest breaking news in swimming." A little out of left field, but still, SAME!

Finally, after noting "We consumed all of this in baby watch" alongside the vending-machine destruction featured above, Chrissy announced the stork had dropped off her niece and posted this photo:


Tell us if you've ever put Nabisco or Frito-Lay out of business in similar fashion, and be sure to catch Chrissy on "Snack-Off" Thursday nights at 10:30/9:30c.